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In 2013, Revolution Builders ltd. set out to establish a new standard of quality in an industry flooded with mediocracy. We are a small company with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver a lasting product that exceeds our clients expectations.

Modern Interior
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Our Process

White Kitchen

01: Break the ice

We want to get to know you. You need to educate us on your goals, your schedule, your budget and anything else that's important to the success of your project. In turn we'll educate you on our approach of getting there. Our ultimate goal in step 01 is to determine that we are best suited to service your project. 

02: Pre Construction

Step 2 can feel a bit overwhelming if this is your first time working with a builder. But don't worry we'll walk you through it one step at a time.


In this phase of your project we will put pen to paper and develop three things: The concept and design of your project, the purposed schedule, and a general budget based off the designs and material selections you've made for your project. 

Modern Design
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